Thursday, 12 July 2012

COOKING: Whats been keeping me busy...

So yes, I've been away for 96 hundred years but i'm back now and to justify my far-away-ness I thought i would show you some pics of whats been keeping me busy...The uni bit is not very interesting and would just be pictures of me reading Wuthering Heights and imagining I was Kathy and I was humping Heathcliff in a barn....too much? anywhoo...
So I figured i would show you some cakey pics- far more exciting.....

See! I've been a busy little pickle! Theres a few more but you get the gist. Cooking has literally taken over my life at the moment and i've always just thought of it as my hobby but the more and more I do it i'm starting to think of it as a career!! How exciting and grown up...'sept i'd be titting about with buns for a living- excellent! I went out the other day and spent nearly £100 on's what Jesus would want I reckon?!? When most people are reading novels, Im reading cookbooks- very cool of me I know! Oh except I have been drawn into the whole 50 Shades of Grey business... I know its a little old news now but I haven't been here so do we like it??!! Have to say, or should say as a Lit student that the writing is pretty bad BUT it's just so un-put-downable! It's like Cheese Squares or Simply know its not right but sometimes you just have to!!


Just cos ..... <3 

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Randomness: Return to the Mac....

Well this feels a little strange... I can't believe that my last post was in April! It feels like I have been away from you guys foooorever. Sooo where to start then and explain my reasons for been a dirty great stay-away! Well first of all, I had the end of uni getting ontop of me so obv that was a priority. Then I was poorly with what I think was the plague for about a month! Seriously it was ridiculous I thought i may loose a limb or my sanity- luckily i still have them both! Well, the sanity is questionable, never sure i had it in the forst place....and thirdly I discovered internet bitches and how fecking evil some people can be...not going into details can't be flapped and were all about the peace and love here kids!!

I was just going to stop the blog but then I keep seeing your comments rolling in here and there and I'm getting the itch again and most of all I've missed you all, especially you lovelies that I talk to on a regular here I am if you want me??!!

Exciting things have happened too while I've been away, I've gotten a new job and I'm playing with cakes and baking alot more and I'm thinking of changing my uni course, giving up the dizzying heights of Literature to study one does... I've re done my house, Im a red head again.. the hubs has been in Nigeria 8 weeks! gah! I miss him! and Dolly is still hopelessly cute and fat!

I think thats it all!? More importanly, how are all of you?? I'm desperate to know and check that you haven't all been stolen by pirates!! Get in touch, muuuchas love, Bea xx