Friday, 3 May 2013

Beabarella bakes Paul Hollywood's Iced Fingers Recipe- losing my virginity; the bread making one...

It's a strange thing how a man can tempt you into doing things that you would have never contemplated before. I'd like to think that Im not a typically girly girl; Im northern and stubborn and like mature Cheddar but one look from a Mr Paul Hollywood and i'd be giggling like a geisha from behind my handfan; whilst, simultaneously doing a wee down my leg. So far though, luckily for me and probably him, all he has got me doing is baking bread.

I don't know why, but in all the time i've been cooking, apart from a few shameful 'add water' style packet mixes; I've never baked my own bread. I don't know why really 'cos the smell to me is more addictive then crack (i'd imagine...i'm strictly an Ovaltine girl myself). 

It made sense to my little mind that I should make something I'm very very familiar with putting in my mouthhole so that when I tried them I would know if i'd got them right or not. Now, not blowing my own trumpet or anything but, I am a time served, kick ass Iced Finger eater...If there was a Brownie badge for it- POW! That bad boy would be right on my sash.... So I tried them first and maybe because I'm very dedicated in  my iced finger eating, they turned out pretty good! 

I followed this recipe : Paul Hollywood Iced Fingers from BBC FOOD and it was really simple to understand and not at all overwhelming for a first time baker. 

This was my baby after its first prove. It felt sooo nice, like a bald mouse i'd imagine...or a hairless cat.. oddly soothing to touch.

I think I messed up a little 'cos I split my batch across two trays thinking they were going to end up as one big bread loaf, but in actual fact, they are meant to touch and meld together a little and then you split them later, so I did a bad! 

See what I mean, they're meant to be joined, so if i'd stuck them all on one tray i'd have been laughing! 

In my opinion, the more jam and cream the better.... 

I think they look pretty good. Your meant to dip the top of the buns into the icing but i'm such a cack-handed knack that i would have just ended up drowning them or dropping all the cream and jam out, so it seemed a better idea to pipe it on the top. 

I can't believe that I haven't done bread before and I really don't know why I thought it was going to be so tricky. I think its the time it takes to make them that can be slightly off putting but it's not like you have to sit over them watching; you can go away, play hopscotch, do some knitting, some kiln work- whatever you want! They're really worth it and taste in a different league to the shop bought ones. 

Is it just me then, or do you guys have a bit of a phobia in the kitchen? Also have you tried any of the delectable Mr Hollywood's recipes out and what did you think of them??? 


Thursday, 2 May 2013

COOKING: Im Bea and Im disgusting.....

So, you may have noticed, you may not, that my site name has changed and I am no longer Beabarella, well, no longer just Beabarella but "Beabarella Bakes". I think this is my affirmative way of saying this isn't really a beauty blog anymore but a baking one. I reckon i'll still be whittering away about other random bits and pieces as I am Billy Connelly, round the houses before I get there type of person and it takes me a week to say what I want to usually; but it will be 97.356% baking...approximately...

Recently, I've been thinking- as all ladies do: "where the knack does all my money go?" Well, we got the kitchen re done recently- NEVER AGAIN!!!! More stressful then getting married or moving house I swear!!!! and when I started putting everything back into it I kinda figured out why.


These bad boys are just the ones that I use regularly so I thought they were worth keeping out, some are still packed away in boxes till I can get a bookcase built for them. There are 70! yes, 70 books on that wall, and say a cookbook costs an average of £10, thats £700!!! Madness... but I suppose everyone has a vice; I don't smoke and I work weekends so very rarely get to go out so I'z gotta spend my doe on something! 

If anyone is after a new cookbook, I've put pictures up of some of the ones I use the most....

The Art of French Baking is an absolute bible and covers all the basics from your different pastries and doughs to fillings and toppings, all classically, beautifully and simply done. The artwork is one of my favourites and it's got everything covered. 

Sticking with France, we head over to Ms Rachel Khoo and her "Little Paris Kitchen". If Im cooking for just myself but wants something a bit special she's the gal to see. Beautiful food, simply done. I loved the series and this book is the take away version- it gets used a lot!

Maybe because she's not Nigella who just seems have the crown of "lady food pornographer" and all around queen of female food presenting- you just got to love Nigella and I do, she's one of my idols, but maybe because of that; Sophie Dahl really got over looked. I really wish she had got another TV series but at least she got another cookbook and both "Miss Dahl's Voluptuous Delights" and "From Season to Season" are dam good books. The food is simple, straightforward and no it probably wont win her any gastronomy awards, she's not a Heston fiddling about with "Pickled Fox's Ovaries" but it is filed with some really yummy food.... I got your back Soph! 

I've got all the Nigella books and use Feast the most and quite a few Gordon Ramsey's but i'm not his biggest fan... he's angry and has an angry forehead... Jamie is always a win and I'm starting to fall in love with Nigel Slater. For parties, "The Vintage Tea Party" always has something up or should I say, inside its sleeve... hahah! I did a funny! Sleeve! You get it? No...okay.......

Last week I got myself 3 new books, Mary Berry's Baking Bible (Queen M-Bez as she's known round ours) Annie Bell's Baking Bible- about as close to religion as i will ever get but the one that I am just itching to try is Signe Johansen's "Scandilicious". I don't know if its my overfondness of Ikea or what but i've always loved everything Scandi... I like their way of life, their outlook, their homes and mostly their food. For a girl that loves things pickled, it's the perfect cuisine...and cinnamon! They love cinnamon just as much as I do. 

This weekend, although I've got my actual job to go to, will be mainly taken over by this book. I'll let you know what I think of it next week but so far im as giddy as a...giddy horse?? I dunno, something giddy....... 

Also, also, also, do you guys have any books you can recommend to me? I'm always on the lookout for new ones so If you have one you like, drop me a little message!!! Thanks dolls!!!


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RANDOMNESS: I want this!!!

If only i could make it!! 

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Back to Beabarella!!

So.... i did it again!! What kind of useless toad am I?? Ive been away for 5 months!!! 5!! But, I'm back and thankyou to everyone who has stuck with me and sent me little messages asking where I am and that you missed my posts.....

Well, whats been going on with you guys then??? Major changes have happened Chez Beabarella! First of all, we got a new puppy!! 

This is Otis! He's 7 weeks old and a Cavalier Spaniel..... He's sooo ridiculously tiny and he's scared of everything and he just wants to love you and lick your face..... Dolly is still being as beautiful and farty as ever:

SEE!!! B-E-A-UTIFUL!!!! 

Secondly, remember my old tattoo that I was getting lasered off?? It's gone!! It has now been replaced by a yummy tribute to my grandma.... 

aaaaaand I got an amazing thigh tattoo from one of the raddest tattooers around, Mrs Rachel Baldwin! He's a cool ass fox who I have named Jerome... He likes Ovaltine and The Sopranos...probably....

Tattoo's have pretty much taken over my life at the minute.....  not only am I steadily getting covered in them but I'm also selling my own paintings from my local tattoo shop!!! How exciting!! They're tattoo style and to be honest i'd love to get into tattooing but I know how much time and commitment it takes to become a tattoo artist and I have something I want to start dedicating my time to just a little bit more.......

It's always been something I've wanted to do but I've always thought "am I good enough" or "am I this or that" and I just figure life is faffing short and if you don't try things now mrs, you never will... (me turning 26 may have had something to do with this...) So, i've started writing a cook book! Even if  no one ever reads it and I just pass it onto Dolly to cook for her puppies one day, its still an exciting thing.... 

See; I have been busy while i've been away! These are some of my favourite things i've been playing with. Who would have thought that one day i'd be spending my nights perfecting pork pies? All the coolest kids do it, it's the new smoking- everyone looks cool with a pork pie in their hand! 

Doing all this thinking about cook books has made me think about this blog too. I haven't bothered with make up in months, all my money is going on new cake moulds or cook books or zesters- Told you! I'M A COOL ASS MOTHER FLIPPER!!!
I just don't know what to do with this blog now? Do I set up a separate blog and close this one down or do I just use this one? Gah! Decisions decisions.... What do you guys think? 

Bea xxxx

PS: I'm on instagram and tumblr now!!!! You can find me at @littlefoxheart on Instagram and HERE on Tumblr xxx