Thursday, 2 May 2013

COOKING: Im Bea and Im disgusting.....

So, you may have noticed, you may not, that my site name has changed and I am no longer Beabarella, well, no longer just Beabarella but "Beabarella Bakes". I think this is my affirmative way of saying this isn't really a beauty blog anymore but a baking one. I reckon i'll still be whittering away about other random bits and pieces as I am Billy Connelly, round the houses before I get there type of person and it takes me a week to say what I want to usually; but it will be 97.356% baking...approximately...

Recently, I've been thinking- as all ladies do: "where the knack does all my money go?" Well, we got the kitchen re done recently- NEVER AGAIN!!!! More stressful then getting married or moving house I swear!!!! and when I started putting everything back into it I kinda figured out why.


These bad boys are just the ones that I use regularly so I thought they were worth keeping out, some are still packed away in boxes till I can get a bookcase built for them. There are 70! yes, 70 books on that wall, and say a cookbook costs an average of £10, thats £700!!! Madness... but I suppose everyone has a vice; I don't smoke and I work weekends so very rarely get to go out so I'z gotta spend my doe on something! 

If anyone is after a new cookbook, I've put pictures up of some of the ones I use the most....

The Art of French Baking is an absolute bible and covers all the basics from your different pastries and doughs to fillings and toppings, all classically, beautifully and simply done. The artwork is one of my favourites and it's got everything covered. 

Sticking with France, we head over to Ms Rachel Khoo and her "Little Paris Kitchen". If Im cooking for just myself but wants something a bit special she's the gal to see. Beautiful food, simply done. I loved the series and this book is the take away version- it gets used a lot!

Maybe because she's not Nigella who just seems have the crown of "lady food pornographer" and all around queen of female food presenting- you just got to love Nigella and I do, she's one of my idols, but maybe because of that; Sophie Dahl really got over looked. I really wish she had got another TV series but at least she got another cookbook and both "Miss Dahl's Voluptuous Delights" and "From Season to Season" are dam good books. The food is simple, straightforward and no it probably wont win her any gastronomy awards, she's not a Heston fiddling about with "Pickled Fox's Ovaries" but it is filed with some really yummy food.... I got your back Soph! 

I've got all the Nigella books and use Feast the most and quite a few Gordon Ramsey's but i'm not his biggest fan... he's angry and has an angry forehead... Jamie is always a win and I'm starting to fall in love with Nigel Slater. For parties, "The Vintage Tea Party" always has something up or should I say, inside its sleeve... hahah! I did a funny! Sleeve! You get it? No...okay.......

Last week I got myself 3 new books, Mary Berry's Baking Bible (Queen M-Bez as she's known round ours) Annie Bell's Baking Bible- about as close to religion as i will ever get but the one that I am just itching to try is Signe Johansen's "Scandilicious". I don't know if its my overfondness of Ikea or what but i've always loved everything Scandi... I like their way of life, their outlook, their homes and mostly their food. For a girl that loves things pickled, it's the perfect cuisine...and cinnamon! They love cinnamon just as much as I do. 

This weekend, although I've got my actual job to go to, will be mainly taken over by this book. I'll let you know what I think of it next week but so far im as giddy as a...giddy horse?? I dunno, something giddy....... 

Also, also, also, do you guys have any books you can recommend to me? I'm always on the lookout for new ones so If you have one you like, drop me a little message!!! Thanks dolls!!!


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