Friday, 3 May 2013

Beabarella bakes Paul Hollywood's Iced Fingers Recipe- losing my virginity; the bread making one...

It's a strange thing how a man can tempt you into doing things that you would have never contemplated before. I'd like to think that Im not a typically girly girl; Im northern and stubborn and like mature Cheddar but one look from a Mr Paul Hollywood and i'd be giggling like a geisha from behind my handfan; whilst, simultaneously doing a wee down my leg. So far though, luckily for me and probably him, all he has got me doing is baking bread.

I don't know why, but in all the time i've been cooking, apart from a few shameful 'add water' style packet mixes; I've never baked my own bread. I don't know why really 'cos the smell to me is more addictive then crack (i'd imagine...i'm strictly an Ovaltine girl myself). 

It made sense to my little mind that I should make something I'm very very familiar with putting in my mouthhole so that when I tried them I would know if i'd got them right or not. Now, not blowing my own trumpet or anything but, I am a time served, kick ass Iced Finger eater...If there was a Brownie badge for it- POW! That bad boy would be right on my sash.... So I tried them first and maybe because I'm very dedicated in  my iced finger eating, they turned out pretty good! 

I followed this recipe : Paul Hollywood Iced Fingers from BBC FOOD and it was really simple to understand and not at all overwhelming for a first time baker. 

This was my baby after its first prove. It felt sooo nice, like a bald mouse i'd imagine...or a hairless cat.. oddly soothing to touch.

I think I messed up a little 'cos I split my batch across two trays thinking they were going to end up as one big bread loaf, but in actual fact, they are meant to touch and meld together a little and then you split them later, so I did a bad! 

See what I mean, they're meant to be joined, so if i'd stuck them all on one tray i'd have been laughing! 

In my opinion, the more jam and cream the better.... 

I think they look pretty good. Your meant to dip the top of the buns into the icing but i'm such a cack-handed knack that i would have just ended up drowning them or dropping all the cream and jam out, so it seemed a better idea to pipe it on the top. 

I can't believe that I haven't done bread before and I really don't know why I thought it was going to be so tricky. I think its the time it takes to make them that can be slightly off putting but it's not like you have to sit over them watching; you can go away, play hopscotch, do some knitting, some kiln work- whatever you want! They're really worth it and taste in a different league to the shop bought ones. 

Is it just me then, or do you guys have a bit of a phobia in the kitchen? Also have you tried any of the delectable Mr Hollywood's recipes out and what did you think of them??? 



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