Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Evil Queen

So I'm on a bit of a roll it would seem. I loved my Little Mermaid nails so I thought I would try another Disney inspired look. So here are my nails inspired by the Evil Queen from Snow White.

First layer is the amazing Nicki Minaj's "Did it on Em". Its a yum acidic green colour.
Get nice thin coats on there to take it to full opacity. 

Get a sponge (I just used a regular kitchen sponge, cut a chunk off it) and paint you second colour onto the tip of it and stipple away. The colour wants to be heavier at the tip and lighter towards the cuticle. You only need a little nail varnish on the sponge or it will become too runny and you wont be able to do sod all with it!!

The black layer needs to look like its bubbling up through the others so angle it in a rough triangle. Keep the stippling on the green really light, just a few flecks like little bursting bubbles. Just think of the black poison running down the apple; Perfectly evil! 

Also clean any nail varnish off the skin with a cotton bud dipped into some remover.


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    1. Thank ya' kindly lady!! i'm a bit in love myself! I'm having such a nail varnish week... xx