Saturday, 25 February 2012

Happy Birthday

I know your not meant to have a favourite, it's the unwritten rule, like picking your favourite child or something but my favourite Beatle is George Harrison end of. I know he wasn't the most popular and was overshadowed by John and Paul..not Ringo though, Summer from 500 Days of Summer is the only person I know that favours Ringo but I just love George. "Here Comes The Sun" is a joy and is rather grim to talk about but the song I want played at my funeral and "My Sweet Lord', even though I am not remotely religious fills me with a sense of something "bigger" when I listen to it. Also I'd just pretty much love to become a hippie and travel India playing a Sitar... It's not everyones dream but it's something... Well, all of this wittering is because today is Georges birthday and I just wanted to send out a little happy birthday wish to someone who was so sadly taken from his path before his time was really due. Hare Krishna Georgie boy and Happy Birthday. 


  1. My mums a beatles nut she used 2 go the cavern b4 they wer famous she hates Ringo haha! I wind her up sayin she must of bin the biggest bore of the 60s she never took purple hearts & didnt have a love child with a beatle! Shes proper God squad doesnt find it amusing x

  2. hahaha I really wanted to write Ringo you Thomas the Tank Engine twonk but I though people might hate me and spit at me but if I have at least one person that agrees then yay!!! I sooooooooo should have been a 60's kid- I love everything about it! I would have been in there with the best of them and it would have been me with a line of Vegetarian Sausages not bloody Linda..grumble grumble.... xx