Thursday, 23 February 2012

Review: Lush's Charity Pot

Well here's what my night consisted of, pretty happy days really... For my Valentines present the ever amazing beau got me a ton of Lush goods so I was in heaven as you will know if you saw the post- the best thing about it aside from 1- now my house smells amazing and 2-I have the nicest baths and showers at the minute, is that I have so much blogging ammo!! 

The beau's selection had quite a few bits and pieces that were new to me so needless to say, in the name of scientific research, anyone who has come near me in the past week has been drenched in lushness.

The first thing I've been playing with is this little "Charity Pot". I'm an absolute devotee of Karma Kream so getting me away from that has been a bit of an ordeal-we're very attached...but I've done it for you kids. Soooo what did I think? First thing that hit me was the smell, between me, my sister and the beau it took us a day and a half to figure out what it smells like and the answer is.......Fry's Turkish Delight!! It smells exactly like that yummy squidgy stuff that had chocolate round it. My grandma loved those so that was a nice little thing to be reminded of.  Im guessing it's the combo of almond oil, ylang ylang and geranium- all quite "eastern" smells, plus a nice hint of chocolate, so smell wise if you like Turkish Delight your onto a win.

I love that Lush, minus the VAT, send the whole of the money from this pot- not just the profit but the whole sale price to charity. If that isn't an incentive to buy it, I don't know what is. My pot was supporting Sims Hill Shared Harvest so big up to Sims Hill- woop woop!!!!  For a 100g tub you will be paying £6.95 or £12.75 for 240g and you can buy it by clicking here!

It's quite messy I do have to say, I think it's something to do with the consistency. While its not watery by any means, it does seem to be more liquid than say, the Karma Kream. It got all over the rim of the lid and got a bit sticky and messy so that was annoying.

Like I said the consistency is slightly "loose" but it is a lotion and not a body butter...The picture above is me with my hand upright and it holds it's own so it can't be that runny can it??!! Personally it sank it quite quickly and wasn't overly sticky. We all have been putting the Charity Pot on before bed and it can still be smelt in the morning so I'm pretty impressed with that. I do wonder if it would last throughout the day when your up and about; only further testing will tell so I'll update on that at some point... 

I can't tell if it's very moisturising as I am always dowsed in cream so have damm soft skin! I do know that I get dry skin, especially on my hands if I don't use a cream and I haven't gone dry since using this so it must be keeping my skin nicely hydrated. I'd like to try it on someone who does have dry skin to see that happens there but with cocoa butter being so famous for keeping skin deliciously soft I can predict it would be a good outcome. 

After our weeks use:

My 17 year old sister's sum up was: "nice smelling but messy. Its slightly tacky until its dried which took a couple of minutes. The price is good, I don't mind paying a little extra for products if they're from Lush 'cos they smell so yum and it's a bonus the money goes to charity."

24 year old hub said: "nice smell and I like that it supports a good cause. Its a bit of an effeminate smell for a guy though but i'd buy it for Bea."

and I'm saying: "delish smell, good price, would recommend but I'm still a Karma Kream girl."

Im such a Karma devotee that I can't say I'd give it up for this, the messyness put me off a little too but otherwise it was an absolute treat. If I was in the market for a present for one of the girls this would be a great go-to and the charity aspects allows you to have a warm 'n' fuzzy feeling that you have done your bit for a little while. 


  1. I have a little pot of this and I quite like it but I agree, it's too loose. It does feel like you're slapping yogurt onto your skin.

    1. Yes!! Yoghurt!! Thats so the consistency!! Couldn't cope with the mess though... Maybe it didn't help that mine had been in a gift box instead of just stood the right way up on a shelf...Nice smell tho!! P&L Bea xx

  2. Replies
    1. The post or the product..or both!! ha! Glad you liked at least one hun!! xxx

  3. Love it and agree with the 'Turkish delight' smell! I've used it to heal the itching and dryness on my face after another company's products wrecked my skin! It's sooo soothing!

  4. Agree about the 'turkish delight ' smell and absolutely live this. I've been using it on my stressed out face to calm it after I had a reaction to another company's products. It's leaving my dry, itchy skin bathed in loveliness!

  5. Love it and agree with the 'Turkish delight' smell! I've used it to heal the itching and dryness on my face after another company's products wrecked my skin! It's sooo soothing!

  6. "If you haven't any charity in your heart you have the worst kind of heart trouble" to cure it help people, let's unite for one good cause, be a volunteer"save lives"!

  7. Thanks for the review! It really helped. I think I will get this as a Xmas present for my family this year...