Sunday, 19 February 2012

Just because she looked so ridiculous, I thought I had to share with you some pics of a very sleepy and upside down Dolly Pug..... Oooooh I just couldn't love her more... She's my shadow, or as Me and the Beau call her, my "Tiny Chef"- she has this habit of sitting in between my legs when I'm stood cooking.

 Pugs seem to be a Marmite dog you either love them or hate them, as you can tell I am firmly in the love camp!! She is also a dedicated follower of fashion....

Working Sequins...

and Polka Dots....

and stripes......Oh Dolly you tiny ridiculous little maltloaf <3


  1. Oh me, oh my! Your Puggie is adorable. I have a little fawn one named Dash! I am definitely in the "Love them" category!

  2. Awe thankyou lady!!! I couldn't be more in love with her!! I would love to get a fawn one too, I want to call it Princess Peach...cos I'm cool hahaha!! Dash is such a yum little name!! >__<

  3. Hiya, i came across your blog via jessicas blog 'everything Beautiful'
    I really like your blog, and the fact you have a pug, made me want to follow you even more. (not in a stalkish way or anything lol)

    Hope you don't mind.


    1. Thank'ya kindly woman! I told Dolly that she aided me getting another follower and she beamed with joy, then grunted and farted so all in all an excellent respose!! ha!! I looove the name of your blog and I've just been on and had a meander round- cute lady!!!

      Peace and Love,
      Bea and Dolly!! xx