Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Nicki Minaj For OPI

Well finally!! It seems like I've been waiting an age to get my hands, well fingers, on these bad boys. I've been a fan of OPI since I first got hold of Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" last year and have never looked back....anything with a bit of a sparkle and Im in, so when I saw that my new lady crush Nicki Minaj was launching a collection of them I had to get some of that action. 

I got the Minis collection because I think they are a great idea if your not ordering an old favourite that you know you love. I'd be a bit deflated if I paid the full price for a varnish, about £11 and I didn't like the colour so this is a great way to test. 

My only niggle about this though, is why can't you buy a full set of minis? I got the 4 set including:

"Did it on 'Em"
A unique chartreuse shade, just the right side of Shrek green. This was the colour that attracted me to the collection, it's so kooky and different. It covered great with 2 coats and has a brilliant self levelling quality so no streaks here. 

A Cerulean blue that I haven't seen so much in nail colours. Super glossy with a unique muted tone when it dries. Heaven!! 

"Pink Friday"
This is little girls eating sweets and skipping BUT with a grown up twist, I can't put my finger on quite what it is that saves this colour from being straight out of a my first nail polish collection. Bubblegum pink and glorious. My new pink for sure. 

"Metallic 4 life"
My least favourite but this is purely just a taste thing and it is still a great varnish. The colour isn't actually quite black it's charcoal with varying sizes of silver glitter suspended inside it. Love the touch of the different sizes as it brings it out of the playground and steps it up a notch. 

I've since found that ASOS are selling this minis set with the "Super Bass Shatter" in full size for £18, but why is no one selling it with the "Save Me"? I mean, if they are and I just haven't found it then PLEASE comment below, but I don't think they are. Im pretty convinced that just by looking it at that the "Save Me" would be my new glitter varnish and I've seen some pics of it over the "Did it on 'Em" and it looks sweeeeet! So where is it O.P.I hmmm?? Especially seen as it's the colour Nicki is modelling in all the promo material. 

As with most O.P.I varnishes they went on a treat.

This was after 1 coat, 

and 2...

The coverage was great, they dry quickly and theres non of that business you get with some nail varnishes that the minute the second coat goes on, it all seems too thick and the moment you knock it it ruffles up. I was sat poking frantically at them a couple of minutes after the second coat and nada, no movement what so ever which is a huuuuge bonus to me as this nearly always seems to happen to me. 

The "Metallic 4 Life" took 3 coats to build up a deep base colour and the first coats were a little streaky but I imagine this could be due to the glitter. The 3rd coat levelled any lines out and it looked slick by the last coat. It didn't quite dry as hard as the other varnishes too and is susceptible to ruffling if knocked; again probably due to the glitter. 

All in all I LOVED the collection. The three "colours" remind me of a late 50's colour palette but with a modern kooky edge that perfectly reflects Nicki's style. Definitely ordering a full sized "Pink Friday" and "Did it on 'Em" with a "Save Me" thrown in there too and quickly as it is a limited edition collection :(

Have any of you tried the collection and what are your thoughts?? 


  1. Fly is my Favorite Color!!!
    I love your postings.
    Check out this blog I found.

  2. Fly is just gorgeous!!!! And I Promise i will!!
    Mwwwaaah! xx