Saturday, 17 March 2012

An Evening in at Lush......with CAKE!!

It's not really safe to let me loose in Lush on a daytime with money to spend and well, witnesses; but to leave me in a closed shop is quite frankly ridicularse and the reason I will be selling my hair to wigmakers for money this month...

Thursday night my local Lush - Heads up Hull Whitefriargate- woop woop! - held an 

" Around the Table, Tailor Made Skincare Workshop" 

So me and the wife mozied on down there and were met by the yummy Michaela who's first words to us were "cuppa tea?" - instantly my most favourite person that day, when she told us to help ourselves to fresh bread and buns- marry me lady??? 

So first things first; Michaela and her lovely assistant- who's name for the life of me I just can't remember and she was soooo lovely aswel so I feel a tit- sat us down and told us about what we were going to be making. For me and Ness, they decided to do the Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask which is perfect for a few different types of skin but especially those who can suffer a breakout here and there- me and Ness are sadly in this catergory. I was giddy to try this one because I had never used it before and I'm on a mission to start getting new pieces from Lush as I always tend to stick to my old reliables when there is a bountiful buffet of Lushness to be had out there...

Catastrophe Cosmetic is packed full of Blueberries which we all know are full of antioxidants and if they're good for your inside, they're pretty much gonna be amazing for your outside. From what I learned the Chamomile Essential Oil in there is going to reduce any of that shitty redness and the Calamine talc will deep clean your pores with its own tiny hoover and chamois leather whilst soothing any inflammation thats lurking about. Also it's combined with some gorgeous Almond Oil thats going to moisturise your skin into supple perfection. My favourite bit of the process- I got to do the mixing!! I bloody love a wooden spoon and stirred the crap out of that thing! After we made our masks they got popped into their little black pots and put into our take away bags. Next onto our personalised skin routine. 

Jealous much? Yeah I look good I know! So the ladies sat and asked us about our routines regarding how/if we cleanse, tone, moisturise and about our skin type. I explained I have pretty normal skin aside from some hormonal breakouts once a month, maybe sometimes a little sensitive, so my lovely lady picked me out Ultrabland. Bland by name- demi bland by nature. Plain and simple enough that it can be used on any skin type without causing any irritation but it lifts any grease, grime and dirt off your face. That day my skin looked like I had been down a coal mine so it really was put to the test and it battled back like some crazy Muhammed Ali prizefighter badass! Amazing stuff! My skin was blissful afterwards.

Toner was next and as I had mentioned my occasional sensitive mush and LOVE of Lavender Oil apparently "Eau Roma Toner Water" was the obvious choice. My favourite thing apart from the yummy smell- 6 ingredients. 6 ingredients are all that goes into this water and with the amount of synthetic products I surrender myself to in the name of blogging, it's nice to make things simple sometimes. 

*Brilliant tip time*
This is a sod to explain in writing but I will try my best. So you take your Toner and you spritz it on your face. Then with your finger tips, do the motion that I'm calling the "Dancing Spider". Remember when you did Incy Wincy Spider when you were little and you do that kind of crawling motion with your finger tips? Well you do that across your face in the Incy Wincy motion and this does a fantastic bit of wizardry that allows the grub that has settled into your pores to come to the top of the skin and the toner to skin in! Good eh! 

Also the toner is brilliant for a mid day refresher apparently. So I will definitely be sticking it in my handbag as a pick me up. My Moisturiser was Imperialis and it's the perfect day or night cream. Its rammed with good herbally stuff- Elderflower, Lavender, Mullein, St John's Wort, Sweet Violet and Sunflower. It smells dreamy! My lovely lady gave me a brilliant little facial massage with it and I was so tired from a day of uni reading that I genuinely could have done a little sleepy...ahhhh......

Well I wasn't going to include this pic as it's isn't great quality but hopefully you can see a little bit that my skin looks refreshed, maybe in the cheek area- crappy ridiculous camera... It felt very clean and quite plumped anyway even if you can't see it, take my Brownie promise on that one.

After we were done we had time to wander round the shop, eat more and pick up any bits that we wanted. I also thought it was a good time get some snaps for you kids of a few bits and pieces that I don't have at the minute to do a full review on but have used before and really recommend.

Retread saved my holiday hair. It was so dry after two weeks of swimming and intense American sunshine and had become worryingly crisp. This little baby brought it back to life in a few days and the Lush staff in Hawaii were practically  dancing with joy because we came from England. We were like royalty- I loved it.

Big is brilliant if you want that kind of beachy hair. Its got salt in it which adds to the volume and has Neroli Oil which I can't get enough of.

Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds is my favourite all time Bubble Bar. Reason A- its massive and we all know it's not the quality of the product, it's the quantity. Luckily this has both. Reason B-This smells like heaven. Patchouli, urgh just, the best. My most favourite smell ever. Frankincense and Cinnamon too. It's sort of hippy heaven. I read that this was created while listening to ambient music- can sooo see that. Total chill out. 

Well after some time wandering round, Jillian who in my mind is the manager, came to see how we were getting along. Can you adopt someone older then you...with their own children...and life...and who has no real reason to be adopted.... hmm? I just love this lady! She couldn't have been more helpful if she tried and was an infectious joy to be around. 

Maybe my most favourite part of the night was that if you spent over £20, you got a free bag of loot worth at least another twenty squid....I managed £40..with ease... I'm going to do a separate little post on all the treats that I got free as this post is turning into a tome, so expect the blog to be a little Lush heavy over the next few weeks. If I know you lot though, you seem to love Lush as much as me so it shouldn't be too painful for y'all.

So how did I find my night round the table at Lush? Cake and Tea? Check. Delicious products? Check. Even more delicious people? Check. I needn't say more really. You know I'm in big love; I know I'm in big love- done deal. 


  1. thank you for sending me your link on twitter, I love lush and i have lush envy I really want to go and buy lots now :) xx

    1. It's okay lovely! Do it!! Go buy tons!! I would never say no to a lush purchase!! xxx