Saturday, 17 March 2012

Lush Haulage

Hello  my darlings! I just thought I'd bung up those pictures from my Lush night in. Lots of yummy little bits and all products that I have never had before so I'm really looking forward to putting them to the test. 

These are my freebie goodies that I got for spending over £20, plus a dusting powder that has disappeared god knows where. It all looks like the christmas stock that they have left over but I'm chuffed with it and I couldn't give a crap if it's not seasonal its all yum! 

Oh and this is the facemask I made. YUM! 

Also Im putting together a blog roll (bog roll?!) this week. If you like my blog please feel free to email me: and we can exchange blog links and get stuff sorted out! 


  1. Love their stick perfume!
    Thanks for the comment <3

    Sophh Elizabeth

    1. Sall right lady! And yeah, I got the Karma one as a prezzie for my birthday and it is yum!!!!
      Can't leave the house without it now!

      mmmmwwwah! x

  2. I went to lush for the first time only about a month ago after seeing it on another blog. Since then I have tried a few products and I must say I'm impressed. That's a very big haul you have there - the carrot bar looks amazing! xxx

    1. Lady that is a tiny haul- i felt restrained!!!! haha. I just loooove this shop so much!!! I like that its all vegan and etical too. feels like a big hug!!! ha xxx