Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Sleepy Sleepy Sleepy......

Todays post is a little different. A few years ago, I suffered with the worst Insomnia ever. I was getting maybe 4, 5 hours sleep from about 5am onwards and it was beyond grim and this twatting about went on for about 6 months. My doctor wasn't brilliant and on my first consultation gave the advice "you should just try sleeping" ?!?!?!?!! What the......!  Eventually, he gave me tablets that should knock out a rhino- nada. So when medical things didn't really work I decided to tackle this pain in the arse another way. I went at it from a natural angle and it worked a treat, waaaay better than I ever expected! I know some people think that Aromatherapy and Herbalism and Yoga just don't compare but it worked for me and now Aromatherapy is a big part of my life. Would I use Aromatherapy if I had to have my leg chopped off? No, but thats probably because I'm a wuss; but for something like Insomnia I think we can be a little hasty to try and find a pill for a cure.

I thing was that I had to get myself into a routine. A few hours before bed I'll make myself a nice warm milky drink and do something chilled, maybe read a book- I know! 25 years old, milk and books... I'm practically a Rolling Stone; Keith would be put to shame.... If it's not a milky drink then I have a lovely warm bath with 3 drops of Lavender Oil and 2 drops of Clary Sage; doesn't sound alot in a great big bath but believe me these oils are badass strong so you just need a little bit. 

Before I get into bed I do a little meditation and chanting. I use the "Om Shanti Shanti Shanti" Mantra which is basically the Peace Mantra- I won't go too much into it 'cos I can get a bit ridiculous with it all... I just find it so interesting!! So I've had my little milky drinky and/or a bath and I've done my mantras ("almost religiously darling....." Absolutely Fabulous? No?? ) then I get in bed and spray my pillow and sheets with this:

This stuff is brilliant and I wouldn't be without it on an evening. Its Boots Botanics Lavender Body and Space Spray. Like I said, I wack a few spritzes onto my pillow and then just lay back and inhale. Just a little tip; Lavender in large quantities can be stimulating instead of relaxing so don't over do it or you will be bouncing off the walls! 

This spray is so lovely and it helps me to feel all settled and peaceful and somehow it stops my mind ticking over stuff; probably 'cos I'm just thinking "Hell this smells gooood!" instead of "have I paid that bill, did I put the bins out rah...rah...rah....."

Do any of you kids suffer with Insomnia or are any of you into mantras or aromatherapy? I'd love to know and if any of you have any tips for me that would be fantesticles! Love hearing them! 


  1. Great post! I had terrible insomnia for a few years, and I still have it off and on. If it takes me 2/3 hours to fall asleep it's been a good night! I got for a warm soy milk and honey, candles and a book! This spray sounds really lovely though, I may have to give it a try!

    I've got a lil giveaway on my blog HERE have a look, if you'd like :)

    1. Ooohhh well I do a warm soya but with honey?!?! this sounds yum!!! Definitely going to try that little bugger!!
      The spray is great hun! Really helps me! It's just the crappest thing ever isn't it! Hurrah for warm bedtime drinks! xxx