Tuesday, 13 March 2012

me being a nob....

Its weird how when you start blogging you are literally prattling away to yourself in the blind hope that some like minded fools also agree with or enjoy whatever it is your harping on about....but its nice when you finally do start seeing your numbers going up and that people are interested in what you have to say. I know it's not any real validation as it's probably just a random computer generated thing- I'd like to think one of those old tombola style rotatey boxes with a big turney handle BUT my little mush did appear on the home page of HelloCotton today. Like I said, I know it's nada but to me it was a little bit of validation that my blog is actually out there getting seen by people...


Well how weird is this, I'd just logged on to have my lunch- cheese and pickle wrap and a chocolate soya yoghurt if you were a wondering and it was delicious..anywhoo.... I checked into my hellocotton account and I found this little note: 

Team Hellocotton Ha ha, it's not a computer generated thing dear :) The team actually hand picks every day a selection of the content they find most qualified to make it on the homepage! Feel free to correct it in your post, I think it makes a pretty big difference don't you ;) And congratulations to you and your blog! xx

Well how bloody lovely is that!? Sometimes I think that that these companies can be a little faceless and you only maybe get contact from them if they are changing a policy or something, but look at that! What a bloomin great service. Just wanted to let you kids know that if you are thinking of moving away from GFC and into another home then Hellocotton is a beautiful little nest of a place to be! 


  1. I actually saw that when I was on there! Awesome and totally chic

    be sure to stop by, i have an awesome competition going at the moment
    xo elle xo

  2. I was giddy when I clicked on it. Im so sad, I thought oh I bet its only coming up on my computer cos i'm logged in or something so i made my my sister go on it to check..I'm such a little sad toad.... haha
    Mwwwah!! xxx